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Metropolitan Railway
Composite 412 (built by Cravens, 1900)

Met Composite 412

Composite No.412 is seen here in 1992, as cosmetically restored for filming work.
Richard Salmon

Built by Cravens, unlike our other three Ashbury-built Metropolitans, this coach was converted for electric operation in 1906 and reconverted for steam haulage on the Chesham Branch in 1940 as LT No.516.

Purchased by the Bluebell in 1961, it was used during the sixties, since when it has been out of use except for filming work.

It was lifted from its bogies in 1992 and the wheel-sets sent for overhaul, as part of the BASH (Bluebell Ashbury Supporters and Helpers) project to return all four "Chesham" vehicles to working order.

The structure of this coach, like many others of this age, is entirely of wood, with teak panels on a teak frame, and with mouldings covering the joins between panels. Some of the body-side panels had been replaced with plywood, whilst others are metal. We obtained sufficient teak to replace all of these.

The restoration work was undertaken entirely by volunteers, and we also had to do all the fund-raising ourselves. We estimate that we shall spent around £40,000 to complete all four vehicles, of which this was the last to be restored.

412 on test run - Richard Salmon - 14 Dec 2006

The coach is seen here on its test run, 14 December 2006 (Richard Salmon)

Type: Composite
Built: (Cravens) 1900
Seating: 24 1st, 30 3rd
Length: 39' 6"
Weight: 20 Tons
Original No: 412
Other Nos: 9705, 516
Withdrawn: 1960
Preserved: 1961
To Bluebell: 2/3/1961

A series of web pages are dedicated to the history and current restoration of the four Metropolitan coaches.

Go to the page with photos and full details of this coach's overhaul.

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