Bluebell Railway Photographs


Jonathan Horrocks

I have been visiting the Bluebell Railway for over 25 years now, when my parents first brought me along in my pushchair!  My photography there started in summer 1989,  with occasional snaps on a rather old camera.  Aside from a lapse in the mid-90s when I hardly took any pictures for some reason, I now have quite a large collection - some of which are worth sharing!  Almost all are from the platform edge or in Sheffield Park yard.  I first went lineside at Giants of Steam in 2001 and have been a couple of times since.  I wish I had got around to it earlier as it is fantastic seeing the engines going past at a reasonable speed,  as well as seeing all the wildlife the line has to offer during the quieter interludes.

I must thank Lewis Nodes and Richard Salmon for giving me the opportunity to put some pictures up on the Bluebell Railway website.  My plan is to put up groups of pictures around different themes, as well as collections from the various special events that occur throughout the year.

All pictures are Copyright  Jonathan Horrocks  © 1989-2007.  If you wish to use them for any purpose then do please ask.  Locomotive and/or rolling stock owners are welcome to use any pictures featuring their own engine(s) or stock.  Volunteers on and employees of the Bluebell Railway are also welcome to use any pictures featuring themselves.

Last updated 4th January 2007.

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