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Moquettes for vintage railway carriages.

This is a large topic, and is broken down by decades. As I gather more information I hope to expand the coverage. Due to the specialisation of the Bluebell Railway, the fabrics covered are by and large those used by the Southern Railway, British Railways and the Pullman Car Company.

The 1950s moquettes were generally found in both pre-nationalisation and Mk.1 carriages.

Names for Moquettes: Please note that the names used in the descriptions are very often ones used by us on the Bluebell or commonly used by railway employees or enthusiasts. The railway companies and suppliers generally used only a pattern number.

See also Dave Clarke's photos of carriage moquettes, which includes more samples that I have yet to include in these pages.

In the above pages reference is made to illustrations in books. The full details of these books are as follows:
An Illustrated History of Southern Coaches: Mike King, OPC, 2003. ISBN 0 86093 570 1
British Railways Mark 1 Coaches: Keith Parkin, Pendragon Books/HMRS, 1st Edition, 1991. ISBN 0 906899 49 4
Pullman, Travelling in Style: Brian Haresnape, Ian Allan/Malaga, 1987. ISBN 0 7110 1648 8
Railway Design Since 1830, Vol.2 (1914-1969): Brian Haresnape, Ian Allan, 1969. SBN/7110/0072/7
Southern Electric Multiple-units (Vol.1, 1898-1948): Colin J. Marsden, Ian Allan, 1983. ISBN 0 7110 1253 9
Southern Electric Multiple-units (Vol.2, 1948-1983): Colin J. Marsden, Ian Allan, 1983. ISBN 0 7110 1314 4
Isle of Wight Steam Passenger Rolling Stock: R.J. Maycock & M.J.E. Reed, Oakwood Press X59, 1997. ISBN 0 85361 507 1
Those of the above which are still in print should be available from the Bluebell Railway Shop at Sheffield Park. Those out of print may be available secod hand from the Carriage Shop at Horsted Keynes.
The principal supplier of such moquettes is still in business, and supplies the heritage industry:

Camira Fabrics (including the Holdsworth transport brand, and Furtex) for commercial vehicle and public transport fabric applications.
The Watermill, Wheatley Park, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF14 8HE
Tel: 01924 490591
Fax: 01924 495605 / 491280
Web site: or e-mail:


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