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Moquettes for vintage railway carriages - 1930s

SR Floral - First Class

This 1920s' pattern was still in use in the early 1930s. It is described on the 1920s' Moquettes page.

Jazz Pattern: Blue/Brown - Third Class

Blue/Brown Jazz Moquette Blue/Brown Jazz Moquette This typical Southern Railway 1930s' moquette (other railways had similar "jazz" styles) was used from about 1935 in new coaches such as Maunsell open third No.1309. The Bluebell Railway has had this pattern reproduced by Holdsworths, and is their ref. BBJW. The photos are of the reproduction material.

The first two coaches to be trimmed with this moquette on the Bluebell will be SR Maunsell open third No.1336, and an SECR Birdcage Brake being restored to SR condition as No.3363.

Jazz Pattern: Green/Fawn - Third Class

faded green Jazz Moquette This photo is of the extremely faded original moquette in SECR Birdcage Brake No.3363. It was a typical moquette found in such vehicles from the 1930s until their withdrawal from service in the 1950s. For example, SECR Brake No.950 also retains remnants of this material.

Bird of Paradise - Dark Green - First Class

dark green bird of paradise Moquette dark green bird of paradise Moquette This uncut moquette was extensively used on first class, and is thought to date from the 1930s. The photo on the left is from a dining car chair, whilst that on the right is a good unfaded colour sample from the underside of a quarter-pad arm-rest. It is possible that the pattern dates from later than the 1930s, since it was still in use after nationalisation.

Bird of Paradise - Light Green - First Class

A variant of the above, but with the field of light green, rather than dark green, was also used.


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