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Passenger-Rated Stock List

LCDR 3360 and 3188 - Richard Salmon - 18 June 2016 We have a large and diverse collection of rolling stock on the Bluebell Railway, built up over the years since we started in 1960. These include gems such as the Metropolitan Railway stock, which is the only close-coupled standard-gauge train in the country. We have five Pullman cars, from the 1920s and '50s, an unrivalled collection of old SECR, LSWR and Southern Railway coaches, plus the unusual and unique 1913 built LNWR Observation Car and the venerable Great Northern Railway Directors' Saloon.

Right: Restored London, Chatham & Dover Railway carriages Nos.3360 of 1889 and 3188 of 1897, seen on the evening of 3188's re-launch into service, 18 June 2016. The carriage bodies had been used as bungalows from 1925 and 1935, and were rescued by the Bluebell in 2003 and 2005. They both now run on adapted SR van underframes. No.3360 was adapted to carry passengers in wheelchairs thanks to a "People's Millions" grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

Two old London Brighton & South Coast Railway coaches have been restored to traffic after 68 and 80 years out of use, and another two are currently being restored. All four were recovered after more than half a century as dwellings, and have been mounted on suitably modified underframes.

Passenger rated stock is that which could be included in passenger trains. It includes luggage vans, carriage trucks, horse boxes, perishable produce vans and milk tankers.

The list shows vehicle number, type, (building date), and alternative numbers carried at various times in the vehicle's history. Links from coach numbers are to photographs of each vehicle.

Other documents provide an Introduction to the Carriages, a Review of the Carriage Fleet, and a Stock List of our Wagons.

Pre-Grouping - SR Maunsell - SR Bulleid - Pullman & CIWL - LMS - BR - EMU - Vans
Operational carriage stock - Carriages under overhaul - Coaches formerly based on the Bluebell

 Pre-Grouping Coaches

 London Brighton & South Coast Railway (LBSCR)
 Craven-era carriages:
     35 4-compt Second (c1856)  www page [dismantled body only]
     94 Full Brake (c1858)  www page [body and underframe]
    204 Quadrant-windowed 3-compt First (c1866) (Original No. Unknown, 204 as 2nd)  www page [dismantled body only]
    221 Brake 2nd/3rd (1852 or 1859) (Original No. Unknown, 221 as Bk.3rd)  www page [will be rebuilt after fire]
 Stroudley Carriages:
    328 4w Third (1890)  www page [Under Restoration]
    661 First (1880) (originally 6w, now 4w) (Brake 2nd 262(1909), Brake 3rd 1648)  www page [Operational] (at one time erroniously thought to have been numbered 667)
    676 4w Brake Third (1875)  www page [body only]
    949 4w Brake Third (1881)  www page [Under Restoration]
    992 4w Third (1880)  www page [body only]
 20th Century LBSCR carriages:
     60 Directors' Saloon (1913)  www page
   7598 First (1903) (LBSCR 142)  www page [Operational]
 London Chatham & Dover Railway (LCDR)
     48 6-wheel Brake 2nd (1894) (Brake 3rd 2781, SR 3630 (1927)) www page
    114 4-wheel Brake 3rd (1889) (Brake 2nd 106, Brake 3rd 114 (1891), 548 (1899), 3068 (1903)) www page [Operational]
   3188 28' 3rd (1897) (LCDR 668, SECR 3188 (1907), Brake 3rd, SR 3652 (1926)) www page [Operational]
   3360 4-wheel semi-saloon (1889) (built as Brake 2nd 51, Brake 3rd 285 (1897), SECR 3360 (1901)) www page [Operational]
 South Eastern Railway (SER)
     33 Drawing Room Car (1891) - Later Pullman Car "Constance" www page [body in two sections]
    172 1st Saloon (1898) (later brake 1st) (SR 7874) www page [body only]
   1050 Composite (later all 3rd) (1880's, reconstructed by SR in 1924) (SER 568 and 792, SECR 1440, SR 5546)  www page
 South Eastern & Chatham Railway (SECR)
    950 Birdcage 2nd Saloon Brake (later 3rd) (1907) (3582) www page [Not Bluebell stock; in private ownership]
    971 "100 seater" 3rd (1923) (1434) www page  [Withdrawn pending overhaul]
   1061 Birdcage 3rd Brake (originally 2nd/3rd composite) (1909) (3334) www page
   1098 "100 seater" 3rd (1922) (1416) www page [Operational]
   1170 Birdcage 3rd Brake (1912) (3410) www page
   1440 Composite (see 1050 under SER coaches above) - probably for use as centre coach for Birdcage trio set
   3363 Birdcage Lavatory 3rd Brake (originally 2nd/3rd composite) (1910) (SECR 1084, DS22) www page [Operational]
 London & South Western Railway (LSWR)
     25 34' family saloon (1885) (SR 0905 and 7937) www page
    320 Lavatory 3rd (1900, rebuilt and lengthened in 1935) (1228, 288) www page
    494 Corridor 3rd (1911) (673) www page
   1520 Lavatory Brake 3rd (1910) (2975) www page [Operational]
 Metropolitan Railway
    368 Composite (Built by Ashbury, 1898) (515, 9702) www page [Operational]
    387 Brake 3rd (Built by Ashbury, 1898) (512, 2761) www page [Operational]
    394 Full 3rd  (Built by Ashbury, 1900) (518, 6702) www page [Operational]
    412 Composite (Built by Cravens, 1900) (516, 9705) www page [Operational]
 Great Northern Railway (GNR)
  43909 Directors' Saloon (1897) (706, 706E, 942090) www page [Operational]
 London & North Western Railway (LNWR)
   1503 Observation Car (1913) (LMS 5316, 15843) www page [Operational]

 Southern Railway Maunsell Coaches (1923-39)

   (all are Restriction 4 (i.e. 9ft wide), unless stated otherwise)

   1309 TO   Open Third (1935) www page [Operational]
   1336 TO  "Drop-Light" Open Third (1933) www page [Operational]
   1365 TO   built 1927: Dining Third 7866, redesignated Open Third 1365, 1930, 
                         Ambulance 6802 in 1944 and Compo Diner 7841 in 1947 www page
   2356 TK   Corridor Third (Restriction 1, i.e. 8ft 6in wide) (1931) www page
   3687 BTK  Corridor Brake Third www page (Restriction 0, i.e. 8ft wide for Hastings line) (1931) [Under Restoration]
   3724 BTK  Corridor Brake Third (1930) www page
   4441 UCB  Unclassed Brake (could be used for 1st, 2nd or 3rd class as required)
               (Restriction 1) (1933) www page
   4444 UCB  Unclassed Brake (Restriction 1) (1933) www page
   4922 TPO  Travelling Post Office (1939) www page
   5644 CK   Corridor Composite (1930) www page
   6575 BCK  Corridor Composite Brake (1929) www page
   6686 BCK  Corridor Composite Brake (1935) www page [Operational]
   7864 KB   Kitchen Buffet (1932, rebuilt 1947) www page

 Southern Railway designed Bulleid Coaches (1945-52)

   1456 TO   Open Third (1947) www page [On long term loan to Mid Hants Railway]
   1464 TO   Open Third (1950) www page [Operational]
   1481 TO   Open Third (1950) www page
   1482 TO   Open Third (1950) www page [Operational] 
   2515 SOBT Semi-Open Brake Third (1951) www page
   2526 SOBT Semi-Open Brake Third (1951) www page [Operational]
   4227 SOBT Semi-Open Brake Third with Coupé (i.e. half) compartment (1948) www page
   4279 SOBT Semi-Open Brake Third (1949) www page
   5768 CK   Corridor Composite (1947) www page [Undergoing overhaul]

 Pullman and Compagnie Internationale de Wagons-Lits

     89 Pullman Kitchen 1st "Constance" - see South Eastern Railway Car 33 above
    157 Pullman Brake 3rd "Car No.54"  (1923) www page
    175 Pullman Kitchen 1st "Fingall" (1924) www page [Operational]
    219 Pullman 3rd "Christine" (formerly "Car No.64") (1928) www page [Operational]
    229 Pullman 3rd "Lilian" (formerly "Car No.76") (1928) www page
    307 Pullman Kitchen 1st "Carina" (1951) www page
   3801 Night Ferry Wagons-Lits (1939) www page [used as volunteer sleeping accommodation]

 London Midland & Scottish Railway Coaches

   (These three coaches are used for overnight sleeping accommodation for volunteers)
  - see also the LMS BGZ

    398 LMS/BR 1st Sleeper (1952) www page [at Sheffield Park]
    603 LMS/BR 3rd Sleeper (1951) www page [at Horsted Keynes]
    623 LMS/BR 3rd Sleeper (1952) www page [at Horsted Keynes]

 British Railways Standard Steam Stock (Mk.I)

   1674 RBR   Restaurant-Buffet (Refurbished) (1961) www page [Operational]
   1818 RMB   Restaurant Miniature Buffet (1960) www page [Under heavy maintenance]
   1838 RMB   Restaurant Miniature Buffet (1959) www page [Operational]
   3064 FO    Open First (1955)  www page [Operational]
   4754 SO    Open Second (64 seats) (1957) (Bicester Military Railway WGP 8806) www page [Being prepared for service]
   4824 SO    Open Second (48 seats) (1959) www page [Operational]
   4941 Saloon (formerly SO) (1962) www page  [Operational, Converted to multi-use saloon with wheelchair lifts]
   4957 SO    Open Second (64 seats) (1962) www page [Operational]
   5034 Saloon (formerly SO, then TCL 99165) (1962) www page [Operational, Converted to multi-use saloon with wheelchair lifts]
  16012 CK    Corridor Composite (1957) (7012, S16012) www page [Operational]
  16210 CK    Corridor Composite (1961) (7210) www page [Operational]
  21246 BCK   Brake Composite (1962) www page [Under overhaul]
  21271 BCK   Brake Composite (1964) (ADB977109) www page
  25728 SK    Corridor 2nd (1961) (18728) www page [Operational]
  25769 SK    Corridor 2nd (1961) (18769) www page [Operational]
  34556 BSK   Brake Corridor 3rd (later 2nd) (1955) www page [Operational]
  35207 BSK   Brake Corridor 2nd (1958) www page [Operational]
 Non-traffic Mk.I Vehicles:
         88 "Service Car No.2" Staff Sleeping Coach (SLC M2442) (1961) www page
      25871 Carriage Shop, (TCL 99161) Ex-SK (1962) www page
  TCL 99166 Staff Dormitory, Ex-SK 25776 (1961) www page
 BDC 977166 Visitor facilities, East Grinstead Ex-BSK 35419, later Staff and Generator Coach (1963)
 BR Electric Multiple Unit Vehicles:
 See also the four Metropolitan Railway carriages, above, which are one-time emu vehicles.
  76262, 62236, 70797 & 76263: 4 Vep unit 3417 "Gordon Pettitt" (1967) (7717, 3017) www page [In care of The Southern Electric Traction Group]

 Passenger Rated Vans

 Pre-Grouping passenger-rated Vans

1 LCDR Horse Box (1882) (1002, SECR 184) www page [May be rebuilt after loss in fire]
    153 SECR  Passenger Luggage Van (PLV) (1922) (1994, DS70031) www page [Potentially operational]
    270 LBSCR Milk/Fruit Van (1908) (2178, 1525S) www page [under overhaul]
    719 SECR  Birdcage Brake Van (1905) (616, 1601S) www page
   5498 LSWR  Ventilated Luggage Van (1920) (1584, DS1686) www page

 Southern Railway Vans and other passenger rated stock

    404 Van C (BY) (4-wheel Guard's Brake Van) (1937) www page [Potentially operational]
    419 Van C (BY) (1937) (ADB 975548) www page [Potentially operational]
   1184 PLV (4-wheel Passenger Luggage Van, later "PMV") (1935) www page
   1788 PLV (1942) www page
   2186 PLV (1934) www page
   2276 Van U (4 wheel Covered Carriage Truck, CCT) (1929)  www page
   2462 GBL (Gangwayed Bogie Luggage van) (body 1931, u/f 1910)  www page [Potentially operational]
   2531 4-w CCT (1955)  www page
   4430 6-wheel glass-lined Milk Tank (1933)  www page [Potentially operational]
   4601 Bogie Scenery Van (modified for carrying circus elephants) (1949)  www page [Under overhaul]
 Further SR vans are also on site, and the bodies of some have already been removed.
   These are providing underframes for the restoration of 19th century 4-wheeled coaches.

 LMS & BR passenger-rated Vans

  32975 LMS BGZ (6-wheel Gangwayed Guard's Brake, Stove R) (1938) www page [Operational, Pullman livery]
  87720 BR 12-Ton INSUL-FISH Insulated Fish Van (1960) (083402)  www page
   6334 BR BG - HST Barrier Vehicle (ex Gangwayed Full Brake 81478/92128) (1957) www page
  86722 BR bogie GUV - (Post Office NJV 93722) (1959)  www page
  94181 BR CCT (1959)  www page

Coaching stock nominally available for service

* indicates coaches which will require major overhaul in next few years.

LBSCR: 661, 7598;                       LCDR: 114, 3188, 3360; 
GNR: Directors' Saloon (LNER 43909)     
SECR: 1098, 3363;                       LNWR: Observation Car 1503;
LSWR: 1520;                             LMS: Stove R 32975; 
Pullmans: 175 "Fingall", 219 Car No.64 (Christine)
SR Maunsell: 1309*, 1336, 6686, Van'C' 404*, Milk Tanker 4430;
SR Bulleid: 1464, 1482, 2526
BR: 1674, 1838, 3064, 4824, 4941, 4957*, 5034, 16012, 16210, 25728, 25769, 34556, 35207
Coaches undergoing major overhaul
LBSCR 949, 270, 328; 
SR Maunsell 3687;             SR Bulleid 5768, Van 4601;
BR 21246
Coaches currently receiving heavy maintenance
Mk.1 RMB (Buffet Car) No.1818, having run on the Bluebell for 30 years, has been re-wired, internally stripped for general overhaul of seating and fittings, and is currently awaiting overhauled bogies. This work is being completed in-house, following the bodywork and structural repairs undertaken under contract at Cranmore.
Mk.1 64-seat SO No.4754, acquired from the Bicester Military Railway, is receiving a re-wire and internal refurbishment, and will be repainted before entering service.

Metropolitan Railway carriages
These are temporarily out of service, requiring renewal of some door locks, the replacement of four vacuum cylinders, and a replacement dynamo on one coach.

The Carriage Exhibition at Horsted Keynes is well worth a visit, and includes a viewing gallery in the carriage works, at the south end of platform 5. Donations collected are now being put towards the eventual overhaul of the SR Maunsell Restaurant car No.7864, and the provision of more urgently needed overhead cover for our carriage stock.

On Platform 1 at Horsted Keynes, the Carriage Shop sells various items, including a large range of books, to raise funds for carriage restoration.

Much of the carriage restoration done at Horsted Keynes is undertaken by volunteers. As the above lists show, there is a long line of coaches awaiting our attention. Why not come and join us; drop in for a look around the shed and see what we do! There is all sorts of work available, skilled and unskilled. Learn new skills, or brush up on those you've forgotten. There are people around every day. Join the Carriage Restorers and be part of an award winning department! 1309, Pullman 'Bertha' (no longer on the Bluebell) and the completed Metropolitan Set have been overall winners of the Heritage Railway Association (HRA) C&W competition, 3363, 32975 and 7598 have won HRA "Coach of the year" awards, and 387, 114, 661, 7598 and 1520 have received other prestigious prizes and awards.

Carriages and Vans which are no longer at the Bluebell Railway:

Caledonian Railway: TK 3339
LNWR: Semi-Royal Saloon 806
LMS: TK 1272
Southern Railway: 4 Cor DMBT 11201, Van C (BY) 442, Van C (BY) 653
Pullman Cars: 278 6 Pul Kitchen Composite "Bertha", 282 "Brighton Belle" Kitchen 1st "Doris", 311 Met-Cam Kitchen 1st "Eagle"
British Railways: Mk.I RKB 1566 - photo, Mk.I RU(B) 1987, Mk.I FO 3042, Mk.I FO 3116, Mk.I TSO 4921, Mk.2c FK 13540, Mk.I CK 16263, Mk.I SK 18752, Mk.I BCK 21238, Mk.I SK 24458, Mk.I BSK 35448, the "New Century Lounge" 25778, Mk.I CL 43010, Mk.I BS 43172, Mk.I SLO 48015, "Monster" CCT W600W

The Railway Heritage Register Carriage Survey Project has details of all preserved carriages.
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