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Bluebell Railway Blog:
Archive 2019

Please be aware that due to the historical nature of this page, some of the links on it may be out of date.

The Current What's New page contains all the recent update information.

Also see the 2018, the 2017, the 2016, the 2015, the 2014, the 2013, the 2012, the 2011, the 2010, the 2009, the 2008, the 2007, the 2006, the 2005, the 2004, the 2003, the 2002, the 2001, the 2000, the 1999 and the 1997-8 "What was new" archive pages.

Blog and Web-site Update Archive 2019

12 February:
Camelot on New Year's Day - Steve Lee - 1 January 2019
  • Steve Lee's photo from New Year's Day shows Standard 5 No.73082 'Camelot' climbing away from Sheffield Park.

  • Half term Steam: Trains run daily 16-24 February, and every weekend in March to our new Service Two timetable. Pre-book for all-day rover tickets with a £5 per family discount for half term, or turn up and buy a ticket on arrival.

  • Following the great success of this new service launched last year (when all the trains sold out), we are expanding our 'Sussex Belle' Luncheon train programme with 6 dates throughout this year - enjoy a delicious 2-course meal while travelling in one of our three comfortable 1950/60's lounge and restaurant carriages.

  • News Update Update on the winter's activities on the Project 27 Blogspot covering the restoration of SECR P-class No.27.

  • Ticket booking now available online for our popular Rail Ale evening trains from East Grinstead, on 24 May, 19 July, 23 August and 27 September.

  • News Update Our latest News from the Bluebell Railway E-newsletter was published on Sunday - you can subscribe here to receive this fortnightly publication - and via the same link access the archive of past newsletters.

  • Note a change of date, to 11 May, for the first of our two Toy & Rail Collectors' Fairs at Horsted Keynes.

  • Update to our Infrastructure News page, collating all the recent news reports which have appeared on this Blog.

  • Update to the Who's Who page, following the appointment of Billie-Jo Maynard as our new Marketing and Business Development Manager.

  • John Sandys' photos below show the structural framework for our new locomotive running maintenance shed being built as part of the ASH project at Sheffield Park. Outside "Atlantic House" you can see the boiler for LBSCR H2 Atlantic No.32424 'Beachy Head'. Before the boiler is pressure tested, the cladding and ash pan are being made for it. The smokebox is nearly ready to be fitted. See more about the Atlantic in the E-newsletter.

Loco running maintenance shed framework - John Sandys - 7 February 2019 Loco running maintenance shed framework - John Sandys - 7 February 2019

7 February:
30587 Beattie well tank 2006 - photo rights obtained February 2019
  • The second visiting locomotive for our 15-17 March Branch Line Weekend is London & South Western Railway Beattie Well Tank No.30587, which is visiting us courtesy of the National Railway Museum. It is seen here on a photo charter back in 2006.

    The timetable for this event will be different each day, and will be available soon. On the Friday we will be operating an increased frequency timetable between East Grinstead and Sheffield Park, featuring shorter trains hauled by a selection of locomotives.

    On both the Saturday and Sunday it will be a case of "All Change at Horsted Keynes" with an intensive timetable of trains between there and both Sheffield Park and East Grinstead and with frequent changes of locomotives. There will also be brake van rides available at Horsted Keynes.

  • News Update Track relaying north of Caseford Bridge - Bruce Healey and Jon Goff provide the three photos below, taken yesterday, showing the additional section of relaying which we have been able to undertake, started on Monday morning, thanks both to the main winter relaying having been finished in good time, and it having come in under budget, allowing the funding (from The Bluebell Railway Trust) to stretch further too.
Ready for a day's work - Bruce Healey - 6 February 2019 Not quite finished for the day - Bruce Healey - 6 February 2019
Andy Palmer cutting the old rail to length - Jon Goff - 6 February 2019
The first photo above shows the state of play on Wednesday 6 February before 9am in the early morning gloom. The second was taken at about 4.30pm, in the failing light, and shows the line nearly joined up again.

Jon Goff's photo on the right shows Andy Palmer cutting in the closing section of old bullhead rail, as it was starting to get dark. After the last photos were taken, and in near darkness, the track was joined.

So in all, over just three days, the old track had been removed, plastic and Terram laid in the cutting section, ballast dozed even and wacked down smooth, all 13 panels of new flat bottom rail laid and a closing half panel of bullhead cut in. Despite the last joint being only fly-plated, and there still being some clipping up to do, the diesel, the ballast train, and the tamper can now run over the job, and ballasting will start on Thursday morning (i.e. today). This renewed section extends northwards from the Waterworks section which was laid in the snow last winter.

6 February:
W24 'Calbourne' - 19 August 2015 - Tim White - by-nc-sa/2.0
  • As we start to look forward to our London & South Western Railway (LSWR) themed Branch Line Weekend on 15-17 March, we see here LSWR O2 Class W24 'Calbourne', taken on 19 August 2015 by Tim White, which is visiting us courtesy of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. Built in 1891, 'Calbourne' was the first locomotive to be acquired by the IoWSR and is the last survivor of its class.

    The event features visiting LSWR engines W24 'Calbourne' and Beattie Well Tank No.30587, and will have our resident pair of Adams locomotives on display, both specially re-liveried for the event to match the two visitors. The pre-grouping image at the gala is upheld by our four operational South Eastern & Chatham Railway locomotives!

    This photo is reproduced, having been adapted to appropriate sizes, under Creative Commons Licence BY-NC-SA 2.0.

  • It is with great sadness that we report the sudden death of Derek Robinson, Membership Secretary of, and weekly volunteer with, the Friends of Sheffield Park. Details of the funeral arrangements are available here.

  • The death of Roy Matthews last October is also now recorded on the BRPS Members' page. Roy had dedicated his retirement to the restoration of the Bluebell Railway's Metropolitan Railway carriages.

60th Anniversary Stop Press - 5 February:

On 15 March 2019 we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the BRPS with a dinner. If you've mislaid the booking form from Bluebell News, it's available online here.
Although the original booking deadline has passed, there are still some places left - if any member would like to attend please respond ASAP.

1 February:
65 at West Hoathly - Steve Lee - 1 January 2019
  • Steve Lee's photo from New Year's Day shows the O1 at West Hoathly station site, the last day of services until Half Term, when we have trains running every day from 16 to 24 February.

  • News Update Update on the current track renewal work, with thanks to Jon Goff.

    Following the completion of the track replacement between Sloop Bridge and Monteswood Lane Bridge we were fortunate to have the use of a big main line tamper (photop below) while the tamper we normally use was undergoing maintenance. Balfour Beatty occasionally carries out operator training at the Bluebell, and in return we get some tamping done for free; a good arrangement for both parties. The tamper has on board computers which calculate the best position for the rails after measuring their existing positions and then lifts, push sideways, cants and tamps them accordingly. There is a tiny bit left to finish on the south side of Sloop Bridge, but all the rest of the half-mile stretch relayed over the last month is completely finished.

    The next job, starting immediately, is 13 panels north of Caseford Bridge which almost gets us on to the straight up to Three Arch Bridge. It is pegged and has materials positioned ready and waiting, as seen in Jon's second photo below.

Balfour Beatty Tamper at Horsted Keynes - Jon Goff - 1 February 2019 Next section to be relaid, north from Caseford Bridge - Jon Goff - 25 January 2019
  • During January 2019 there were estimated 40,774 total hits on this page, from 23,389 unique visitors.

30 January:
323 'Bluebell' on a Footplate Taster course - Brian Lacey - 26 January 2019
  • Brian Lacey's photo shows No.323 'Bluebell' on a Footplate Taster course on Saturday morning.

  • The Catering Department is seeking volunteers.

  • Catering opening hours for the facilities at all four of our stations, through to November 2919, are available here. Opening hours on Special Event days will be made available on the pages for individual events.

  • Derek Hayward has continued implementing major upgrades to his photo galleries, adding new and higher resolution images. Recent updates have included:

  • The photo below, also by Brian Lacey, shows Sheffield Park loco yard last Saturday, with the developing structure (the blue steel columns) of the new locomotive running maintenance shed being built as part of the HLF-funded ASH project. The new shed covers the site of our first 1960-built locomotive shed (which lasted 53 years) and the washout pit. "Atlantic House", where we are reconstructing LBSCR H2 Atlantic No.32424 'Beachy Head' is the green building to the left, behind SR U-class No.31618. The boiler of SR Schools-class No.928 'Stowe' is on the boiler trolley.

Sheffield Park loco yard - Brian Lacey - 26 January 2019

Artist's impression of the new locomotive maintenance shed

  • The artist's impression on the left shows roughly what the new locomotive maintenance shed should look like once completed.

  • Update to the web page for our Scenery Van No.4601, now used as a children's play carriage at Horsted Keynes, with updated details of its use carrying elephants in Billy Smart's Circus train.

  • The Railway Heritage database, covering surviving heritage carriages, wagons, EMUs, turntables, trams, horse-drawn railway vehicles and locomotive tenders, is now moving from the Vintage Carriages Trust web site to a dedicated site provided by the Railway Heritage Register Partnership.

  • News Update Blog update from SETG, who are restoring our 4VEP unit, No. 3417 'Gordon Pettitt', at Strawberry Hill.

23 January:
Camelot with first train of 2019 - Steve Lee - 1 January 2019
  • Steve Lee's photo shows 73082 'Camelot' approaching Poleay Bridge with first train of 2019.

  • Tickets are now on sale for our 15-17 March Branch Line Weekend. There will be a distinctly pre-grouping flavour with a busy timetable (available soon), featuring visiting LSWR engines W24 'Calbourne' and Beattie Well Tank No.30587 plus our four operational SECR locomotives. With our LSWR Radial tank and B4 'Normandy' on static display, it will be one of the largest gatherings of ex-LSWR locomotives in recent years.

  • Details of Phillip Cooper's funeral are now available on the Society's Notices page.

  • News Update Track relaying - so close:
Less than 30 feet to go - Jon Goff - 18 January 2019 Jon Goff's photo shows the position at the end of play on Friday 18 January, when there was less than 30 feet to go to connect the newly relayed track to that relaid a year ago at Monteswood Bridge. The sun was getting too low in the sky to get the last pair of rails in before the weekend. The last pair of rails always take a little extra time and fiddle to get right with precise measurements and cutting of the rails, and there is always a bit of extra fiddling with the ballast as the last few feet can't be bulldozed and wacked like the rest. However the clear up has started with some of the plant already transported back to Horsted.

We had two 30-foot rails left over from the Waterworks relay last year which mean we didn't have to cut into new 60 foot rails. This completes half a mile, which was laid in approximately 80 hours with an average of 8-9 people each day. Much of it has been funded from bequests left to The Bluebell Railway Trust by generous late members.

18 January:
Camelot approaches Horsted Keynes - Brian Lacey - 31 December 2018

14 January:
Track being relaid - Jon Goff - 8 January 2019
  • News Update Jon Goff provides a detailed report on the current track relaying project (available to view/download as a PDF). The photo was taken at close of play on Tuesday 8 January, and shows a bit of all the activities. Sleepers in stacks (on old wooden sleepers) at the correct intervals within reach of the jib of the digger used to lift them, rails also ready to be lifted into position, the digger parked up for the evening, jokingly renamed "Norman" after one of the team, the smooth track bed with the line marked, the last group of four sleepers laid with the spacing former in position, the old track panels lifted out to the side, the white reference posts, the old occupation bridge at the half way point and most important of all, the blue mobile mess room where Barbara makes tea and bacon butties and to where the team are heading.

  • Derek Hayward has updated his Sheffield Park Signal Box collection to reflect the work done on the LBSCR signals north of the station and the recent 2018 Siemens Award given to S&T. There are now 50 images available covering about the last 15 years:

  • The Bachmann and Graham Farish 2019 catalogues were launched today, and Graham Muspratt provides a round up from an SR / BR(S) perspective, as he did last week for the 2019 Hornby anouncement. Both include items of relevance to the Bluebell; Terriers, SECR C-class and H-class, and Birdcage brakes in the later SECR plain brown, more Maunsell Restaurant Cars, and SR Pill Box brake vans.
    They can all be pre-ordered through the Bluebell Railway Shop (and BRPS members get a discount).

10 January:
65 and 592 at Horsted Keynes - Brian Lacey - 31 December 2019
  • Brian Lacey's photo from New Years' Eve, shows O1 No.65 passing C-class No,592 at Horsted Keynes. Over the New Year period, the Southern Railway luggage van which is used as an Art Exhibition, was accommodated in the Carriage Works, where Matthew Cousins, with help from other volunteers, replaced some planks, and with Dave Clarke, gave it a full repaint of those areas which can't be accessed whilst it's in the Dock. The placing of the C-class in its place in the Dock proved very popular with our visitors over the post-Christmas period!

  • Derek Hayward's gallery covering Sheffield Park Station has recently been updated, and features just over 300 images of the station covering the period 1998 - 2018.

  • The Regulations under which the Bluebell Railway Trust operates are now available as a PDF file for those interested.

  • News Update Bruce Healey provides this update on the track relaying currently taking place.
    During the January closedown, our infrastructure team are relaying roughly half a mile of track between Sloop Bridge and Monteswood Lane Bridge. Around 44 sixty-foot track panels are being replaced. By close of play on Wednesday 9 January, the new track reached the half way point. We have been greatly helped by the young volunteers of our 9F Club and Network Rail people on "away days". Ballasting and tamping will take place when all of the new track is in place. The unseasonally warm weather and lack of rain have made our task a little easier.

    The three photos, all taken yesterday, show:
    1) the scrap track panels, cut into 30 foot lengths ready for transfer to Horsted Keynes, moved to the trackside. They will be dismantled there when the track relaying has been completed; this reduces the workload during the closedown period.
    2) early in the day, the day's work area with new track can be seen looking south. The long-demolished Town House Farm occupation bridge is just behind the camera position.
    3) later in the day, this is a similar shot with the abutment of the former bridge in view and the day's progress is evident.

Trackbed cleared - Bruce Healey - 9 January 2019 Sleepers laid - Bruce Healey - 9 January 2019 Rails in place - Bruce Healey - 9 January 2019

3 January 2019:
65 at Nobles - Steve Lee - 1 January 2019
  • Steve Lee's photo shows No.65 on the embankment at Nobles on New Year's Day, with the 11.15 service from Sheffield Park. This was our last day of running trains for 6 and a half weeks, as we enter our winter maintenance period.

  • Trains next run 16-24 February, and then at weekends in March to our new Service Two timetable.
    Tickets are available in advance or on arrival.
    Until 15 February however, some stations are open for visitors and there will be steam, on our sold-out Footplate Taster courses, at Sheffield Park.

  • Our first event of 2019 is our Branch Line Weekend on 15-17 March.
    See our preliminary list of 2019 Special Events & Offers here.

  • Dates are now available for our 2019 Fish & Chip evening supper trains - Book tickets here.

  • The dates for our Rail Ale evening trains from East Grinstead are 24 May, 19 July, 23 August & 27 September

  • Update to the web page for our Elephant Van, the restoration of which was completed in 2017. It is fitted out internally as a children's play carriage, and can be found at the South end of Platform 5 at Horsted Keynes.

  • During December 2018 there were 40,340 total hits on this page, from 23,162 unique visitors. This page received its 10 Millionth hit on or around 25 November 2018, and having started as a web log on 27 October 1997 is one of the longest running continuously updated such pages on the entire Internet.

  • Peter Edwards provides the photo below showing our very last train prior to the winter maintenance closedown: 73082 'Camelot' at Town House bridge with the 2.45pm train from Sheffield Park on New Year's Day. The materials for the forthcoming track relaying are seen stacked at the lineside.

  • Next below is the north end of Pullman Car 54 in the carriage works at Horsted Keynes, where the new end timbers are taking shape very nicely. All the timber is being prepared in-house.

  • The final photo, from John Sandys, shows Dennis of the Friends of Sheffield Park (FOSP) getting stuck into some maintenance work on a window sill on the Bessemer Arms yesterday, the first day of our winter maintenance period.

Camelot with the last train on New Year's Day - Peter Edwards - 1 January 2019 New timber on Pullman Car 54 - Richard Salmon - 30 December 2018 Dennis of FOSP at work - John Sandys - 2 January 2019

The Current What's New page contains all the recent update information.

Also see the 2018, the 2017, the 2016, the 2015, the 2014, the 2013, the 2012, the 2011, the 2010, the 2009, the 2008, the 2007, the 2006, the 2005, the 2004, the 2003, the 2002, the 2001, the 2000, the 1999 and the 1997-8 "What was new" archive pages.

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