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Bluebell Railway Blog:
Archive 2000

Please be aware that due to the historical nature of this page, some of the links on it may be out of date.

Archive of the Blog/What's New pages

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Web Site Update List: further down this page.

Photographic reports 2000:

Web-site Update Archive

28 December 2000:

  • Updates to main pages following completion of Santa Special services. There will be major updates in the new year.

22 December:
  • Due to an embankment slip, trains are unable to run to Kingscote until further notice. A new page is available with full details of the revised servicewhich will operate between Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes, with our Bus service linking Horsted Keynes to East Grinstead.
  • New Year Vintage Trains 30 Dec - 1 Jan. Updated details here.

19 December:
  • Update to Carriage & Wagon page, including a photo of, and appeal for, any help in locating suitable luggage rack brackets for the restoration of SECR Birdcage coach 3363.
  • Update to the Loco Roster showing what locos should be operating between Boxing Day and the New Year (all of them over 100 years old).

18 December:
  • Please Note: due to an embankment-slip near Kingscote Station in mid-December, trains are not able to reach Kingscote for the present.

    • Santa Special Trains will still operate at their advertised times from Sheffield Park.
    • From Boxing Day onwards, until further notice, the train service will operate only between Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes, with the 473 bus service connecting to East Grinstead. A revised timetable will be issued for these days when it is known.
    • New Year Vintage Trains 30 Dec - 1 Jan. Revised details here.

15 December:
14 December:
13 December:
12 December:
  • Golden Arrow Pullman Dining Train dates and other information for 2001.
  • Changes to the various phone numbers at Sheffield Park on the contacts and catering (and other) pages. The old phone numbers continue to work for the present, but the new system improves flexibility, and includes a new direct line for the bookshop.

11 December:
8 December:
7 December:
4 December:
1 December:
27 November:
23 November:
  • Second update to the Loco Roster, including the locos that should be in use this weekend.

22 November:
  • Minor update to the Loco Roster.
  • Update to WAP pages for special events, and more information about access to the railway by bus. If you're on the move, point your wap phone to:

20 November:
17 November:
  • Minor update to information about the Memories of the LBSCR event this weekend. "Fenchurch" will be on public display, although possibly remaining inside the loco works, together with another Brighton-built engine also under overhaul, 80151.
  • A new page from Peter Richards with Bluebell Railway Public Train Information for the coming week. Includes details of any deviation from published timetables, expected locos and carriage formations. Links to this from other pages will appear in the next few days.

15 November:
  • Update to the page for the LNWR observation car, with new photo of the carriage in LMS livery.
  • Update to the Introduction to the Carriage Fleet including details of the LNWR Semi-Royal Saloon 806, "Eagle" and the Stroudley 4-wheeled Third.
  • Update to pages for LMS sleeping cars 603 and 623, with new photos of the carriages in LMS livery.

14 November:
13 November:
9 November:
  • Update to information about the Memories of the LBSCR event.
  • Advanced notice of dates for Special Events in 2001 plus details of this year's Carol Service at Horsted Keynes Station, 13 December.
  • Update to details of Bus services to the railway. Service 246 from Uckfield now serves Sheffield Park daily Monday to Friday. Service 121/122 links Sheffield Park to Lewes on a Saturday.

8 November:
7 November:
  • Link added to the new website for The Oak Ardingly, a local pub which we are known to visit on occasions - very good food and nicely kept beer!
  • New Banner available, if you want to use it to link to our web site. (Also see existing banners 1 and 2.)

3 November:
2 November:
1 November:
31 October:
30 October:
26 October:
25 October:
23 October:
  • Jon Bowers has provided some photographs of yesterday's "Giants of Steam" event, and Tony Pearce has put a couple of the double header on his own web page.
  • Update to Loco Roster - 92 Squadron is working all this week.
  • Syd Carroll has the following video available, which may interest you: 92 Squadron - 50 Years down the line. Cost is now only £15.95. Cheques etc to Vanna Video at 67 Sidney Road, Borstal, Rochester, Kent. ME1 3HG.

20 October:
19 October:
  • Update to the page for this Sunday's Giants of Steam special event, including further details, and information on bus times. This includes a free vintage bus service throughout the day to Lewes and Brighton, in addition to our regular service to East Grinstead.
  • New photo from Martin Oakley of the Alf Brown Gang's SECR Passenger Luggage Van.

18 October:
13 October:
  • The Bluebell's WAP site (for those with the latest in mobile telephony) was launched yesterday, and is at with basic details of services, operating dates, and how to get to the railway.
  • Update to page for Carriage Works Extension, including a new photo.
  • Update to the Carriage Fleet Review - 4. Special Saloons and 5. Pullmans, to take account of the arrival of "Eagle" and the Semi-Royal Saloon.
  • New photo of Pullman Car "Eagle".

12 October:
11 October:
9 October:
4 October:
2 October:
  • Booking now open for the Santa Specials.
  • Updates to various Locomotive pages relecting:
    • Purchase of SR Schools Class 928 "Stowe" by the Maunsell Locomotive Society, securing its future on the Bluebell.
    • Departure last week of ex-Barry S15 830, which joins 825 and 841 on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, having been sold by the Maunsell Locomotive Society.
    • Arrival of Bulleid Pacific 34081 "92 Squadron" which is on the Bluebell Railway between September 30 and November 19.

29 September:
  • Information about the chance to be an extra in filming on the Bluebell over the next few weeks. Casting Sunday 1st October.

28 September:
27 September:
25 September:
22 September:
  • New link to Bill Hudson Transport Books, who has a shop at Peak Rail, Matlock, with a large mail-order buisness in new and second-hand books, and an expanding selection of videos.

21 September:
19 September:
  • Preliminary details of the November 18-19 "Memories of the LBSCR" special event weekend added. This event could well feature five Stroudley Terriers working together!

16 September:
6 September:
1 September:
31 August:
29 August:
24 August:
22 August:
21 August:
  • Details of Bluebell Goes Dutch. Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th September - Visiting Dutch Steam Tram - added to special events page.
  • Update to Loco Roster.

18 August:
16 August:
  • Update to Horsted Keynes re-signalling page with more progress reported by Peter Richards and a new photo of the Ardingly points.
  • Richard Perian - supplier of specialist railway nuts and bolts including rivet headed bolts - added to the Carriage Technical page.

15 August:
10 August:
8 August:
7 August:
4 August:
3 August:
28 July:
21 July:
  • Mk.1 TSO carriage No.4921 is being offered for sale. For details see the web page for this vehicle.
  • Locomotive "Baxter" withdrawn from service at the end of its 10-year boiler certificate, so transferred from Operational Locos page to Locos on Static Display. The good news is that Lewis Nodes' gang will be starting work on preparing for a boiler inspection in the new year, so that this popular little engine should be running again by 2002.

20 July:
  • New link to Railway Tales, which is a CD containing an affectionate record of the people who worked on a quiet country railway line between the two great wars.
  • New link to the Eastbourne website, which includes details of overnight accommodation in the area, and lists us in their "Nearby Attractions" section.
  • Links to other Heritage Railways in the area.
  • New link to This is Brighton and Hove.

18 July:
4 July:
28 June:
27 June:
26 June:
  • Details added on Special Events page for:
  • Page for the final result of the Football Competitions now has a link to a new page with details of the amounts raised by these competitions over the last four years.

19 June:
  • Update to the Horsted Keynes Re-signalling Page from Peter Richards, with the latest news of progress in the creation of the Junction layout at the south end of the station.
  • Further details of 1960-built BR(W) Bogie Well Wagon B900920, a one-time Motor-rail loading ramp, bought for conversion to a Loco Boiler Carrier, added to the Wagon stock list.

15 June:
  • Details of the Sponsored Walk on 23rd September, in aid of the restoration of the LSWR Carriage which is being restored including accommodation for disabled passengers. Sponsorship forms are available on-line for you to print out.

13 June:
12 June:
  • Update to various carriage pages, correcting minor inconsistencies.

8 June:
  • Update to various carriage pages, to reflect the return to traffic this coming weekend of Bulleid Open Third No.1482, following a four-year-long overhaul.
  • Report on the Victorian Evenings.

30 May:
28 May:
  • Update to the Loco Roster with details of planned locomotive usage for June, July and August.

21 May:
19 May:
16 May:
10 May:
  • Update to pages on the restoration by BASH of Metropolitan Railway coaches 368 and 412.

4 May:
3 May:
  • Details of the summer "Heart of Sussex Link" bus (Service 40) from Haywards Heath to Sheffield Park added to the Access to the Railway - Bus page.
  • Details of Wedding and Wedding Reception facilities added to the Party Catering page.

2 May:
28 April:
27 April:
25 April:
19 April:
  • Site rated as suitable for all ages with SafeSurf.

18 April:
  • Update to the timetable page, with improved use of colour in the tables.
  • Details of Metrobus Coastlink 2000 services added to the Access to the Railway page.
  • New web pages for the following vehicles:
    • 653 SR Van C (4w Guards Passenger Brake Van, BY)
    • 1788 SR PLV (4w Passenger Luggage Van, PMV) with photo courtesy Jonathan Hall
    • 2186 SR PLV (PMV)
    • 4601 Bogie Scenery Van (modified for carrying circus elephants) with photo courtesy Graeme Pettit

13 April:
  • New Special event added: May: Sat 6: "Railway Children" Day - visit from members of the cast, and special trains running as used in the film.

12 April:
11 April:
10 April:
6 April:
  • Update to the Loco Roster with details of what loco should (if all goes to plan) be working on what days in April and May.

4 April:
30 March:
28 March:
  • Photo of Bulleid Q1 class, No.C1, taken in Southern Railway days, added to this loco's web page.
  • Update of current positions in the Carriage Works Extension Fund Football Competition.
  • Very small bit of javascript added to front and home pages to escape from other people's frames. Please email me if you find this causes any problems with your browser, or access to the web site.
  • The site is now registered as being free from anything offensive with RSACi which makes it accessible to anyone using more recent versions of Netscape or IE with the content filtering system enabled. Since I have to add a tag to every page, it will take some time for the entire site to be covered.

27 March:
24 March:
23 March:
  • New web page, with photo by the late Tony Dunkley, of the Camelot Locomotive Society's 4-wheel CCT No.2531

22 March:
13 March:
8 March:
29 February:
28 February:
21 February:
11 February:
6 February:
4 February:
1 February:
31 January 2000:
28 January:
27 January:
24 January:
  • Minor update to the Carriage Works Extension page, although I really should get a photo of the building work completed so far.

21 January:
20 January:
  • Update to the Carriage Technical Pages including many more useful addresses of specialist suppliers, and also a link for the BR Mk.1 Coach e-mail group.

17 January:
12 January:
6 January:
5 January:
4 January:
3 January 2000:

Archive of the Blog/What's New pages

latestlatestMost recent updates
Older updates are in the What's New Archive
or the 2022, the 2021, the 2020, the 2019, the 2018, the 2017, the 2016, the 2015, the 2014, the 2013, the 2012, the 2011, the 2010, the 2009, the 2008, the 2007, the 2006, the 2005, the 2004, the 2003, the 2002, the 2001, the 2000, the 1999 and the 1997-8 "What was new" archive pages.
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